Flared and Dished Tank Head

A flared and dished head is dished and then flanged to straighten the outside circumference. The flare is used to connect the head to the tank with bolts or hinges. While flared and dished tank heads can only be used for non-code applications, they provide versatility for tank entry, cleaning, and product removal that is unavailable with other head styles. Flared and dished heads can also be used as baffles to compartmentalize tank trailers.

Defining Features

  • Add a unique versatility to tank cleaning and product processing
  • Built to match your production processes and techniques
  • Wide variety of bevel, taper, and land zones for weld preparation


  • Polishing for sanitary applications and aesthetic appeal
  • Assembly with heat transfer can be provided
  • MTRs and other quality documents available

Specifications and Sizing

Diameter:  18" - 144"
Thickness:  12 gauge - 1/2"
Dish Radius: 150% of outside diameter
Max Flare Length: 3"


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