A Better Way To Serve Fresh Beer

Taproom Serving

Bag-in-Tank System

Paul Mueller Company has been providing European pubs and brewhouses with bulk storage and serving beer tanks for decades.  Now North American breweries are catching onto this innovation in commercial beer storage and serving equipment that includes a bag-in-tank system.
John-Roberts-Brewed-to-Serve-headshot"Filling 1500 Liter tanks takes about 35 minutes and since there's no CIP it's a huge time savings. The higher pressure rating also allows you to dispense under higher pressure. We dispense at 28 psi through restricted lines and get a beautiful pour at both our bar directly below the tanks and our upstairs bar some 95' away. You could never do that with a traditional serving tank." John Roberts, Brewmaster - Bold Monk Brewing

From the Tank to the Tap

Plus brewers have found when you take your crafts direct from the tank to the tap, your customers are treated to fresher, better tasting beer. And you are treated to decreased chemical usage and less labor costs in keg handling. Plus, your beer stays fresher longer. Once it's drained, no more tank cleaning, you just replace the bag. 

Independent Temperature Control

Our Serving Beer Tanks are independently temperature controlled so you save on cold storage. With ASME certified engineering and display quality finishes, this is a functional showpiece for your brewery that will keep you saving for years to come.
Eliminate the burdensome task of cleaning and filling kegs. See how Serving Beer Tanks can save you time, money and space.
  • Less Cleaning
  • Fewer Chemicals
  • Labor Savings
  • Fresher Beer
  • Direct from Tank to Tap
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Independent Temperature Control
  • Eliminate Kegs
  • Display Quality Finish
  • Bag-In-Tank System
  • ASME Certified
  • Repair and Service
  • Parts

Our Brewing Partners

Whether we are building a duplicate production facility for a heritage beer label or helping a small community craft brewery positively affect the economy, we are proud to work with these outstanding beer brands as they grow their business.