Animal Health Mix Tank Processor


Our Paul Mueller Company processors are designed to efficiently handle a wide variety of health products for animal medicine processing. Whether it is for animal nutrition processing or pet shampoo, our processing tanks ensure quality consistency in your end product.

We consider it our responsibility to fully understand the demands of your entire process so that we get your equipment right from the start. That means we work with you to understand flow rates, agitation requirements, where the product is going next, and how it will be transferred. By doing so, we are able to provide you with a processor that meets exact specifications for maximum operating effiency in heating, cooling, and processing. 

Our original Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface allows for efficient heating and cooling of your product, and depending on your specific application, our processors can be customized to fit your needs while still maintaining 3-A design requirements. In addition, our standard #4 material finish and cleaning-in-place technology allows for optimal sanitary processing so you can always count on our equipment to maintain the integrity of your product.

Animal Health Processor Types