Chemical Fermenter

Paul Mueller Company's oil and gas fermenters can be built with customized heat transfer for precise temperature control or standard specifications for cost savings. We use high quality U.S. stainless steel and decades of engineering experience to produce durable oil and gas processing equipment that will protect your bottom line for years to come.


  • American-made, stainless steel construction
  • Durable and efficient 
  • Custom designed to meet your specific oil and gas processing requirements

Specifications and Sizing

Work with our innovative engineers to create a fermenter that is perfect for you and your facility. At Paul Mueller Company, we work to meet all your needs and with our various shapes, sizes, and specifications, we are confident that we will be able to make a high quality product that you will love.


Finding the right equipment that fits within your budget can be daunting. At Paul Mueller Company, we understand your needs. That’s why we offer Leasing options that give you more flexibility.

Tell us more about your needs.

Our Oil and Gas Partners

They produce energy to impact the world.  We are proud to partner with these leading brands in the oil and gas industry on innovative new processes and sustainable growth.