Mixing Vessel

Paul Mueller Company’s mixing vessels have been crafted to handle the unique demands of animal health product manufacturing. Our mixing vessels are ultra-sanitary and are designed to uniformly mix liquids more rapidly and accurately. Contact our responsive team today to learn more about how we can meet your specific needs.


  • Meet 3A design standards.
  • Stainless steel outer jacket and interior sidewall with No. 4 finish for sanitation and ease in cleaning.
  • Full sidewall and bottom Temp-Plate heat transfer surface assures optimum performance.
  • Two inches of low-chloride, sidewall, and bottom-head insulation for minimum heat transfer loss.
  • Agitator assembly with bottom guide and two-speed, 460-volt, 60-hertz, 3-phase gear motor and fixed baffle.
  • Adjustable, stainless steel legs with ball feet.
  • Stainless steel pipe connections for external zone-control valves allow processing of partial batches.
  • No-foam inlet assembly.
  • D10F outlet valve flange connection only.
  • Projectile wells for indication and recording thermometer probes.
  • Three-inch air vent.
  • Stainless steel adder.

Specifications and Sizing

Work with our innovative engineers to create a tank that is perfect for you and your facility. At Paul Mueller Company we work to meet all your needs and with our various shapes, sizes, and specifications we are confident that we will be able to make a high quality product that you will love.


Finding the right equipment that fits within your budget can be daunting. At Paul Mueller Company, we understand your needs. That’s why we offer Leasing options that give you more flexibility.

Tell us more about your needs.