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Industrial Hemp Oil Processing and Solvent Recapture

Regulation Support

Entering the cannabis industry was a natural next step for our company, it is not something we take lightly. We have been producing pressure vessels and skids for 50 years, and partnering with the biggest companies in the pharmaceutical industry for that long too. We know you are building a system that will be inspected for compliance. We can help you navigate that conformance landscape, so you are on your way to scaled-up production. Our expertise in quality and verification (Factory Acceptance Tests, ASME, turnover packages, Pharma GMP) and unparalleled service and support will keep you on track to meet your goals.

Hemp Oil or CBD Oil Processing

Whether you are extracting Industrial Hemp oil or CBD oil from Hemp, Paul Mueller Company can take your process designs and bring them to reality. The integrity of your product is contingent on your suppliers - from the plants to the packaging. With your Process Flow Diagram (PFD) in hand, we can help you build the large-scale production system you imagined, so THAT part of your supply chain is ready to run. 

 Solvent Recapture

If you're using solvents, you know they are expensive. By recapturing them after usage, you can save money. We can build that system you designed, to put money right back into your bottom line. You want to recover as much crude from your process as possible. Once that's done, our equipment can help you get those solvents close to original purity to reuse again and again. Holding the right heating and cooling parameters is critical to this procedure. Our heat transfer and chiller solutions come with decades of application expertise behind them so they are a perfect match for your system. 

Legal Landscape

We partner with legal experts in the cannabis industry so our solutions to you are seamless and backed with the most up-to-date industry knowledge. Recognized Band 1 Cannabis attorney Steve Levine watches the ever changing regulatory landscape and advises on the best way for Paul Mueller Company to partner with you, so there is no guesswork as you purchase equipment. 

  • Mix Tanks
  • Formulation Vessels
  • Extraction
  • Separation
  • Evaporation
  • Solvent Capture
  • Receiver Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Startup Support
  • Controls