Membrane WFI Skid

(Coming Fall 2024)

The Paul Mueller Company’s PyroPure® Membrane Water-for-Injection (WFI) Skid is versatile and designed to meet a wide range of water purification needs, including: 

  • Generating Water-for-Injection for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Generating USP Purified Water for additional pharmaceutical applications

The skidded system includes water softening, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), continuous electrodeionization (CEDI), ultrafiltration (UF), and ultraviolet (UV) treatments.  Customizable skids available upon request to suit your specific requirements.

The Paul Mueller Company Pyropure® Membrane WFI Skid offers the simplest and most reliable non-distillation method for producing pyrogen-free water-for-injection that meets all U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards.

Key Features

    • Sustainable: Designed with sustainability in mind, our skids provide a green solution for your water-for-injection needs.
    • Ambient WFI Temperature: Produces water-for-injection at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for additional cooling equipment.
    • Robust Design: The straightforward and sturdy design minimizes moving parts, reducing maintenance and downtime. This ensures a consistent and reliable supply of WFI when you need it most.
    • No Plant Steam Required: Optimized for facilities where plant steam is not available or desirable.

Coming Soon 

The Paul Mueller Company Pyropure® Membrane WFI Skid is coming in Fall 2024. 

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We start receiving Requests for Quotes in July 2024! Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your facility with the most reliable and efficient WFI solution on the market.


  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly skids for water-for-injection.
  • Ambient WFI Temperature: Produces WFI at ambient temperature, no cooling needed.
  • Robust Design: Minimal moving parts for low maintenance and high reliability.
  • No Plant Steam Required: Ideal for facilities without plant steam.

Specifications and Sizing

Coming soon.


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