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Business Continuity Plan During COVID-19 Outbreak

March 13, 2020

Paul Mueller Company is dedicated to safety and best practices to reduce the risks of communicable diseases. We are taking steps to restrict employee travel and visitors to our facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will continue to be proactive in communicating to our co-workers and business partners, as new developments arise.

As companies globally monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, the Paul Mueller Company continues normal operations with intact inventory levels.

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Lely and Mueller sign agreement for Cooling Solutions

May 29, 2019

To achieve global coverage of cooling solutions, Lely and Mueller B.V. in Groenlo today signed an agreement to include Mueller milk tanks, silos and ancillary products in the Lely portfolio. This integration means added value for farmers, who now have a tightly integrated range of products to choose from, when building or expanding their dairy operations.

Alexander van der Lely, CEO of Lely about the collaboration: “The agreement formalizes the long-term collaboration between Lely and Mueller and strengthens our total offering. 

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Recruit a Buddy, Get a Bonus

Recruit a buddy, get a bonus: Paul Mueller Co. rolls out hiring incentive

February 8, 2018,

Yes, we are very, very busy. I don't know if I have seen it this busy," stated Thomas Runion Craftsman-Grinder. "Lots of money; lots of overtime." Denise Silvey, Human Resources Manager, explained, "If you drink milk, or you have had a cold beer, or wine or you have filled a prescription, or bought pet food, you have probably used one of our products indirectly."

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New Facility in Groenlo, The Netherlands

Paul Mueller Company to build new facility in The Netherlands

March 20, 2017

The new facility in the town of Groenlo, expected to cost $21 million, will replace four separate locations the manufacturer currently operates in the country. It will be located about six miles from one currently operating in the town of Lichtenvoorde.

“Groenlo was chosen because of its close proximity to the current Lichtenvoorde location, easing the transition for the majority of the production employees,” Paul Mueller CEO David Moore said in a news release. “Working together in one location, our co-workers can better develop common goals and address customer needs.”

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Springfield Brew Co.

Springfield Brew Co. and Paul Mueller Partner for Growth

April 11, 2016,

Springfield Brewing Co. officials yesterday began a roughly $1 million expansion project with the installation of eight new stainless steel fermenting tanks at its expanded 305 S. Market Ave. facility.

The nearly 1,000-gallon tanks are expected to triple the company’s brewing capacity.

SBC Managing Partner Bryan Bevel said the last of the new tanks arrived this morning and should be operational in about two weeks.

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Robotic Milking

Paul Mueller Company Installing Milk Collection Centers in Uganda

December 12, 2016 Progressive Dairyman

Emerging dairy sectors in developing African countries cannot cool raw milk on-farm due to the lack of reliable electricity. Often the quality of the evening milk is lost because it doesn’t survive the overnight heat.

A lack of knowledge of post-harvest practices combined with poor infrastructure and no storage facilities result in at least 40 percent milk waste. This creates a lost income opportunity for farmers and a growing gap between milk supply in African countries and milk demand.

Two companies, the World Bicycle Relief and the Paul Mueller Company, are making efforts to advance milk cooling in Africa by improving milk delivery, collection centers and on-farm storage.


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Paul Mueller Company President Talks Global Business

January 11, 2018 - BIZ 417

Make Overseas Business Operations Work for Your Company

Many business owners dream of taking their company overseas, but what do you do if it actually happens? David Moore, President and CEO of Paul Mueller Co., shares key tips for operating beyond U.S. soils.


If you’ve led a growing company before, you know that expanding a business outside of city limits comes with all new rules and regulations. The list grows as you expand to more cities, and if you cross state lines, you’ll be greeted with even more challenges. But what if you think bigger? What do you do if you want to expand your business internationally?

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