Achieving Better Infusion in Hours, not Days

Chris Shaffer 4 by 4 Head Brewer

Mueller Brewery Solutions

“When you don’t use the maxxLūp the debris just sits down in there at the bottom of the fermenter and the beer sits on it and sometimes you get this grassy, vegetable-type flavor. The maxxLūp will extract pure aroma out of that hops and the debris stays out.”

4 By 4 Head Brewer, Chris Shaffer

The Challenge

The owners of 4 By 4 Brewing in Springfield, Missouri had a great coffee kolsch recipe they believed in, but it wasn’t selling the way they had hoped. They knew the flavors had changed as they tried to tweak the recipe.

“We started out using whole coffee beans, but as we scaled up our batch sizes, we couldn't get the extraction we needed" says Head Brewer Chris Shaffer. "Then we switched to ground coffee, which helped with extraction but created unwanted off-flavors due to exposure to oxygen and the contact time between the coffee grounds and the beer."

Chris and his partners slowly watched the kolsch lose traction with customers. 

The Journey

Fortunately, two of the brewery owners met Jon Sprenger, a regional sales manager with Paul Mueller Company, and they committed to collaborate on finding a solution to the challenge. With 4 By 4’s innovative recipes and Paul Mueller Company’s state-of-the-art brewing equipment, it was a natural partnership.

“4 By 4 is a very forward-thinking brewery. They are already experimenting with so many great adjuncts, from their Parkside Pineapple IPA to a Stout with chocolate and cherry. Their immediate concern was that they weren’t big enough for our equipment, but I knew our 50-gallon maxxLūp would serve them well, so I talked to them about the 30-day loaner program” says Sprenger.

The Solution

Paul Mueller Company’s 30-day loaner program for the maxxLūp infusion system gives breweries a chance to try out different beer recipes without the commitment of buying new equipment. And because of the quick steep times, 4 By 4 was able to prove the ROI of the maxxLūp right away.

“I’m using half of everything, from a labor and hops standpoint” says Shaffer. “Hops are expensive, they range from $6 a pound to $40 a pound. With the maxxLūp, I can cut that in half and maintain the same sensory experience.”

The pressure-rated maxxLūp system with a circulation tank comes with a removable screen design and can be used to safely dry hop without accessing the top of a fermenter.

The Results

After a few experimental brews, it was time for 4 By 4 to go back to the coffee kolsch.

“That kolsch, I had coffee steeping in the beer for 5 days, 6 days, until we got the flavor we wanted. With the maxxLūp we knocked it out in 6 hours! And the taste is superior. It’s like a whole new beer, with the same ingredients. We are planning a re-release party.”

The trial program was so successful for 4 By 4 Brewing, Shaffer says they are going to purchase the 50-gallon maxxLūp system.

“It’s a perfect size for our small brewery, and we’re growing. This equipment lets me gain a week on a fermenter and I can brew right back into it. That’s where the ROI comes in, the faster I can turn these fermenters, the better. That’s good when you’re trying to keep production going.”

Learn more about the maxxLūp beverage infusion system here. 

A Great Coffee Kolsch Wasn't Selling as Anticipated
Paul Mueller Company’s 30-day Loaner Program for the maxxLūp Infusion System Provided an Opportunity to Try Out Different Beer Recipes
Superior taste resulted! As did reduced Labor and Material Costs stemming from the maxxLūp's Dramatically Reduced Coffee Steeping Time.
maxxLup infusion system
50 gallon maxxLup system
maxxlup at 4 by 4