Expanding Capacity in a Specialty Chemical Market 


Designing a Better Layout Proved Key to Upgrade Success

“In order for us to grow, we had to provide our customers with the highest quality product available in the marketplace. In order to do that, and to get that product, we felt Mueller was going to be able to provide that high level of quality.”

“During the design phase, Mueller was able to come in and show us what a better layout would be. Their expertise in this field was invaluable.

Zach Martin,
Betco Sourcing Manager

The Challenge

Betco is a Jansan (Janitorial - Sanitation) chemical producer of household and industrial cleaners. With intentions to grow, Betco built a new facility and recognized that they needed to continue providing their customers with the highest quality products. The challenging part was finding a way to expand production within a tight timeframe and a tight facility layout, while not compromising the high-level of quality clients were accustomed to.

The Journey

Betco took a hard look at all of the chemical processing equipment options available, domestically and internationally. Realizing that automated production was an essential element for this expansion to pay off, they focused on proper controls, PLCs and HMIs.  According to Betco, Paul Mueller Company quickly emerged as a front-runner by demonstrating more than just equipment expertise—gaining Betco’s trust with a level of attention to detail they had rarely seen.

“From the very beginning of this process, Mueller tanks stood out above the rest. The support was there, the attention to detail was there within the quoting process, the communication process. Everything was top-notch.”

Zach Martin, Betco Sourcing Manager

The Solution

In addition to providing the chemical processing equipment needed to expand production, Paul Mueller Company staff also offered insights during the tank design phase. 

“They’re very knowledgeable in the tank design field and… they had a lot of input into giving us the best products that we would need to succeed”

Gary Lewandowski – Betco Maintenance and Facilities Manager

Working closely with Betco’s team, the Mueller team provided input on the best practices, best products, and the optimal layout needed to meet their goals.

The Results

By becoming a comprehensive solutions provider for Betco, Paul Mueller Company demonstrated their expertise and ability to be a true partner in the planning, design, development, and deployment process. Not only did Mueller meet all of Betco’s immediate needs—including hitting all of Betco’s strict timelines—but the ultimate solution also provided increased capacity that would give Betco the opportunity to expand exponentially in certain areas of production.

We had a goal to expand production. Very tight timeframe, with timelines, but from there, Mueller hit all those dates for us, which was extremely important to getting this project to where it is now.

Gary Lewandowski – Maintenance and Facilities Manager

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