Model D Fre-Heater

Fre-Heater® Heat Recovery Systems

A Paul Mueller Company Fre-Heater can recover up to 60 percent of wasted energy normally discarded from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. By transferring the recovered heat energy to water, vast amounts of free hot water can be stored for use when and where the need arises.

Mueller Temp-Plate® is the heart of the Fre-Heater system. This highly efficient heat transfer surface is constructed of 100% stainless steel. Thoroughly tested and listed by CSA US, it meets all codes required for double-wall heat exchanger construction.

Mueller Fre-Heater’s industrial-grade, glass-lined water storage tank resists rust and features two replaceable magnesium anodes for extra protection against natural water corrosion, increasing the life of the tank.

A Mueller Fre-Heater heats and stores in one unit, plus it operates on any potable water supply because it is virtually immune to corrosion.

Walk-in coolers, freezers, commercial air-conditioning systems, ice machines, and other refrigeration systems all waste enough heat energy to produce hot water on a large scale. A Mueller Fre-Heater pays for itself while reducing your energy costs proportionately to your hot water usage.


Fre-Heater Heat Recovery System Models